Islamic banking an ethical alternative to the conventional financial system


Moneyvault®, the first app-based only financial services solution for the Islamic community in the UK, is opening its digital doors to all customers across the country after a few months of piloting the mobile-focused scheme.

Both Muslims and non-Muslims can benefit from Islamic Finance as, by principle, it aims to be a more transparent and fairer system of finance.

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Open a Moneyvault® GBP, EUR and USD account in minutes

Open a GBP, EUR and USD account using your mobile app, with no credit checks.

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Enjoy access to your account balance 24/7. Make purchases or get cash wherever Mastercard® is accepted.

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Moneyvault® is a cheaper, faster way to send money abroad

Send money internationally from your Moneyvault® app for up to 8x cheaper than with high street banks.

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With the Moneyvault® app and Online Service.

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Moneyvault® Pricing

Al Islami

  • Card issue fee: €2.50
  • Card Purchase: €1.10+2.00%
  • Card Purchase FX fee: 2%



Al Islami PLUS

  • Card issue fee: €1.00
  • Card Purchase: €1.10+2.00%
  • Card Purchase FX fee: 2%




  • Card issue fee: Free
  • Card Purchase: €1.10+2.00%
  • Card Purchase FX fee: 2%



There’s no credit or debit interest, no Arranged Overdraft. You can be confident the money you keep with us will not be used for any interest-based or non-Shariah approved activities.

Our Mobile Banking app for iOS and Android are quick and easy to install, fast, convenient and more secure than ever - the easy way to stay on top of your money. Use your account where you want with the latest built-in security technology that keeps your details safe and private. More and more customers are choosing the flexibility, convenience and security of banking on their mobile.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of high standard Shari'a-compliant innovative financial products, quality service and superior value for our customers, shareholders, employees and the community.

Moneyvault® Questions and Answers

Who can open a Sharia account?

Anyone. You don't need to be a Muslim or actively practicing Islam to choose a Sharia account.

Is Sharia banking more ethical?

Sharia banking follows ethical guidelines set down by Islam, but many of these rules will appeal to non Muslims as well.

Why should I bank ethically?

Many customers decide to bank with an ethical provider as they feel that it represents their own values.

How Moneyvault® Sharia accounts are different?

Moneyvault® accounts work similarly to normal bank accounts and allow you to manage your account much like any other banks.

What is Zakat?

Zakat is an obligation to give money to worthwhile causes as set out by the Quran. Zakat donations are not usually automatically deducted from Sharia accounts, so it is down to you to work out how much you owe and to arrange the payment.

What is Moneyvault® Sharia business account?

In creating the Moneyvault® Sharia Business Account, we have worked with an independent committee of Islamic law and finance. Your Sharia Business Account does not pay or charge interest, so all deposits into it are maintained in a Shariah-approved way.

Open a Moneyvault® account in minutes

Open a GBP, EUR or USD account using your mobile in minutes, with no credit checks and no proof of address required.

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